& Co.Conspirators


Jon Bradford

30+ years doing ‘design’ & production - web, graphics, theatre, film fx, 2D 3D …. blah blah blah
Applying all of those learned skills to product design and trying my hand at CNC.

Instagram: bradfordandco


DK Design

DK at DKDesign is an incredible designer and craftsman, who lives and works in SF. He's currently focusing his many talents on creating beautiful restorations and one-off custom work on bike's and cars. He's also been instrumental in helping me get Bradford & Co off the ground. Couldn't of done (be doing it) without his help. Thanks DK, I owe you more than you can imagine. 

Instagram: DKdesignSF


Midori Frances

Midori is another of the co-conspiritors, she has many, many talents, an incredible maker of things. She's helped me with a bunch of 'soft goods' prototypes and custome leather for my Thruxton Project. If you need a custom or restored leather seat for your bike she's the one to see. Oh and she's also the Faultline 500 co-organizer ...  

Instagram: Frances With Wolves


Nettle Studios

Alex at Nettle Studios, is an amazing designer / garment maker / pattern maker / resource. Alex has been working helping me develop my first 'product' for Bradford&Co ... it'll be coming out soon!

Instagram: Nettle Studios


Dava Guthmiller

Founder and CEO of Noise13 a San Francisco branding and design company. Dava launched the In/visible Talks Design Conference in 2018 - she's also my better half, and I couldn't do this without her support. I love her.

Instagram: Noise13