'TT' - Switches

3d printed Micro switches wired using a Motogadget M Unit



To keep the controls nice and minimal we decided to go with micro switches and an Motogadget M-Unit / M-Button combo.

We designed and 3D printed the housings ... once we have M-O, the new CNC, up and running we'll make some proper aluminium ones

Full Disclosure! I'm not an auto electrician, so it took a fair amount of head scratching before I figured out what bits and bobs I could take off and which wires to replace so they'd work with the EFI Thruxton. 

Quite happy with the results - right hand single button is the Start / Stop combo. The left hand set are Left / Right turn signals, a quick stab makes them blink 12 times and then auto off, and a longer press keeps them on, lick to cancel (bottom row). Headlight dim / full / flash (top right) and Horn (top left)

I am tempted to switch to the Bluetooth M-unit so I can have keyless ignition.