'68 Ducati 250 ‘transitional’ widecase scrambler.

Beautiful little shed find, no papers, no plate, no problem.



Ducati 250 widecase Scrambler. Some confusion initially as to the year as it came with no paperwork - but it’s a relatively rare transitional scrambler - between 67-68 Ducati changed from narrow to wide case motors but during that time didn’t update all the components.

Installed new 12v Vape electrics, I had to machine an alternate stator plate as the ‘wide case’ 4 bolt pattern is actually the 3 bolt narrow case config on this bike.

New LED headlight and tail light, added a front brake switch and hid a horn in the headlight bucket.

Rebuilt the carbs, lined the tank, new tires, seat re-upholstered by Midori Frances, good to go - once I figure out the hoops I need to jump through to get it registered.