'68 T100c Tiger Competition. 'Dessert' Sled

1968 T100c Ttriumph Tiger ... this is the 'Before'

1968 T100c Ttriumph Tiger ... this is the 'Before'

Hey if the they can have 'cafe' racers, I can have a 'dessert' sled.



This is a little side project i'm doing for my lovely wife. Ground up restoration 1968 T100c Triumph Tiger.

Under the expert guidance of my very gifted friend DK of DKdesignsf (he's also doing the paint) I'm doing a full ground 'modern' restoration of this old girl. The bike was broken down through-out, all body work stripped, blasted, refined, then painted. 

Engine has had all the cases vapour blasted, then reworked so every seam is perfect. Brand new rods, pistons, seals, bearings etc Crank is being balanced. 

Seat and rear fender have been bobbed to give that sled look. Pretty much everything is ready to go back together in time for some summer ice-cream runs.